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Let’s Talk offers talking therapies to people aged 18 and over, and registered with a GP in Gloucestershire, who are experiencing mild to moderate anxiety and/or depression.

If you live outside these areas, please visit your own GP or seek further information via

You should not refer yourself to Let’s Talk if you are already receiving help or treatment from a specialist mental health team. You should instead contact your key worker from that team.

Let’s Talk is not able to offer help in a crisis situation. If you have experienced deterioration in your symptoms, or are struggling to cope, please make an appointment to see your GP.

There are three options for being referred to Let’s Talk therapy team:

  • Phone the service direct and free of charge on 0800 073 2200
  • Your G.P./health professional can make a referral to the team on your behalf
  • Click on the link to complete the secure and confidential online self-referral form.

Once your referral has been received, one of our friendly administrators will contact you shortly to complete the registration process and book your assessment appointment.


I live in Herefordshire, how do I self-refer?

On 30 September 2020, talking therapies services for Herefordshire moved to Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust. If you are registered with a GP in Herefordshire and would like support, please visit or call 01432 347606.