Workshop attendees 2

We love to hear your stories. Here are just a few of the testimonials that we have received.

I cannot thank you enough for all the help you have given me

“I cannot thank you enough for all the help you have given me – my life wouldn’t be what it is now without you. Working over the phone with a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner has helped me adopt strategies to help cope with my worries and anxieties. Having a workbook to guide and structure each session meant that it was very focused, but the PWP was also willing to adapt the book to my needs. The workbook made sure that I didn’t forget anything from the sessions and could apply the strategies myself at home – it acted as a good prompt / reminder when I felt confused or need to clarify something. The workbook and the additional notes I made during the sessions will be great for future reference.”

There is nothing that hasn’t worked

“There is nothing that hasn’t worked. I am continuing to work on my issues now therapy has ended but I now have the skills and techniques to do this and feel confident that I can carry on. Having tasks to do at home during the therapy made me take responsibility for my own recovery and has helped me feel like I can do it! Everybody should have CBT! Others can see differences in me already just after the 10 sessions and I can see a difference in myself. I’ve made changes I never thought I could make. I cannot say thank you enough and will recommend you to everyone I know!”

The therapist was excellent

“The therapist was excellent. We broke down everything together – with the therapist explaining the stages and components of anxiety and depression and with me working out how to apply this to myself. All of this meant I’ve worked towards drastically improving my emotional health – both now and for the future.”

The course was excellent and exceeded my expectations

“The course was excellent and exceeded my expectations. It was very well presented, making it interesting and relevant. A nice mix of explanation, practical exercises, and discussion. The course order was brilliant – allowing some of the harder tasks / techniques to be initiated early on so there was time to feedback and discuss barriers to completing these. It was also great being with other people who had suffered like me and this greatly helped with the learning and context.”

This therapy was perfect for me

“This therapy was perfect for me. Before I started the therapy I was very sceptical and almost scared as I did not think there was any chance of any major improvement due to the many, many years I have had my problems (60 years). But the improvement in my emotions was so rapid I was astonished. I now think I am well on the way to slaying my dragon once and for all – oh joy!”

The therapist helped me enormously

“The therapist helped me enormously. She was extremely knowledgeable in teaching me strategies to help overcome my anxiety and depression, and if something didn’t work for me then the therapist was able to come at my problem from a different angle. The therapist was honest with me and gave me straight answers, even if it wasn’t always wanted I wanted to hear – I would later think about it and realise it was what I needed to hear! I would recommend the CBT approach and Let’s Talk to anyone!”